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Succulent Love

Mum's Garden Floral Studio is a huge fan of succulents and terrariums. Check out our latest creations!

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Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Love is in the air! What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a photo shoot! Get inspired by checking out some of the photos from this styled shoot.

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Holiday DIY Guide: Wreath making 101

Deck your halls and doors with wreaths this holiday season! Check out Mum's Garden Wreath Making 101 tutorial to learn more about this surprisingly simple DIY project!

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Holiday DIY Guide: Gold Leaf vase

Impress your guests with elegant gold centrepieces this holiday season! Check out this easy DIY gold leaf vase tutorial to learn how to dress up your dining room in 30 minutes or less.

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Art Gallery Inspiration

I often draw on my Fine Arts background when I create my floral designs, so it was exciting to do a few arrangements for Bau-Xi Gallery and Bau-Xi Photo Gallery for a special event.

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Summer Baby Shower

You couldn't have asked for a lovelier day for this late summer baby shower, and these arrangements were a perfect compliment to this special day.

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Hello Friend!

Mum's Garden is a floral studio in Toronto, Canada, and our Style Diary will feature our day-to-day floral adventures...

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